WPS Salary Processing

BFC Payments offers the most innovative digital salary account facility for your employees in compliance with the Wages Protection system (WPS) initiative of LMRA and CBB guidelines. You can now onboard your company as a WPS-compliant business and start paying your employee salaries digitally!

WPS ensures maintaining proper salary records in the regulatory systems.

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Become ‘WPS Compliant’ today!

Max. file size: 80 MB.

Benefits To Your Company

WPS Compliant Salary Accounts and Payment System.

Easy process for addition or removal of employees.

Eliminate large queues of employees waiting to receive their salary.

Salary records archive.

Helps to avoid the risk of cash handling during the salary period.

Safest Method of Salary Distribution – clean and secure branch environment with queue management.

Email notification to payroll managers on salary release.

Easy money transfers, bill payments and many more services directly from BFC Pay app.