Send Money across the globe, seamlessly!

Our Super App for online payments allows you to send money internationally at excellent rates to support loved ones wherever they may be. The BFC Pay App allows you to send money worldwide in real-time. Add a beneficiary instantly and save time on all your money transfers. Skip long queues at branches and send money from Bahrain to loved ones across continents within minutes.

200+ countries and territories!





Sri lanka


and many more..

Select your country on the BFC Pay App.

Add your beneficiary.

Enter the amount and select payment mode.

Review and confirm payment

A Great Way to Pay


Be it cinema, shopping mall, waiting at traffic signal or simply resting at home. BFC Pay app allows you to send money back home from anywhere, anytime.


The BFC Pay app allows for fast international money transfers.


The BFC Pay app uses encryption and other security measures to protect your personal and financial information.

Competitive rates

The BFC Pay app offers competitive exchange rates for international money transfers.