Consent – National eKYC & Account Opening

  1. National eKYC
  2. Account Opening
    1. BFC Pay Account opening/service provision: All services, including the opening of the account, are subject to verification of information/documents provided by me.
    2. Services: All services will be provided by BFC Pay on a best effort basis. The complete list of services available to me will be available on If not an existing customer, I confirm if found otherwise, BFC Pay reserves the right to consolidate the customer IDs as it may decide, without any prior notice to me Fees
    3. Charges: Fees and Charges will be applicable on my account and for other services availed by me, as described in the T&C;
    4. Dormant Account: No transactions induced by me in the account for a period of 1 year or more are treated as a Dormant account.
    5. Account Freeze: I authorize BFC Payments to freeze my account in the following circumstances, with intimation to me except where specified otherwise.a.If it is suspected by BFC Payments that transactions in my BFC Pay account are not initiated by me (BFC Payments will not assume any liability for the transactions already executed)b. If it is suspected that my account is being misused or as a channel for unauthorized money pooling or a conduit for any illegal activity. (I will not receive a notice in this case).
    6. > Account Closure: I authorize BFC Payments to close my account, with prior intimation to me, in case of Unsatisfactory conduct of the account.
    7. Refund: Any refund request for the customer would take 14 business days to credit to the customer’s account (IBAN or BFC Pay Wallet). To receive a refund in IBAN, IBAN needs to be provided by the customer through the registered email ID along with a copy of CPR.
    8. WPS Salary Account Conversion (applicable for BFC Pay payroll account holder): If salary is not credited for a period of 1 year into my Salary Wallet Account, the account will be automatically converted to a General Purpose BFC Pay account without prior notice or intimation (with all applicable charges & fees) .Transactions: Any instructions to BFC Pay regarding the account, both of a financial/non-financial nature be provided by me through the authorized channels only, which will be specified by BFC Payments, based on regulatory guidelines prevailing at that time. BFC Pay is not expected to act on instructions that do not come in through the authorized channels but reserves the right to act upon its discretion to provide such facilities under extraordinary circumstances.
    9. Channel facilities: All channel facilities provided by BFC Pay including Cards, Digital Wallet Account, Remittance Service, Bill Payment, Branch Payout, Salary Transfer, etc. are subject to specific guidelines that are provided on and as per the T&Cs.
    10. Sadad Bill Payments: Specific bill payment services on the BFC Pay app are being offered by SADAD Electronic Payment System B.S.C.©. For all those bill payments Sadad’s T&C would apply. Please refer to I/We agree and undertake that I/We shall never part with any sensitive information of my/our account especially through internet/email/phone medium and BFC Pay is not liable for fraud arising from such disclosures. I also undertake to inform the BFC Payments immediately in case of loss Card linked to my account, Mobile which has my active BFC Pay account logged in through the BFC Pay app.
    11. Multi-Currency Forex Travel Card: BFC Pay has the authority to reject any application for issuance of Multi-Currency Forex cards at any time without providing any reason whatsoever. The Card issuance and subsequent loading would be bound by CBB guidelines issued from time to time and prevailing law and regulations. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Limited Liability of a Customera. I/We shall be liable for the entire loss occurring due to unauthorized transactions in cases where the loss is due to my/our negligence such as where I/we have shared the payment credentials until I/we report the unauthorized transaction to BFC Payments. Any loss occurring after the reporting of the unauthorized transaction shall be borne by BFC Payments.b. In cases where the responsibility for the unauthorized electronic banking transaction lies neither with BFC Payments nor with me/us and lies elsewhere in the system and when there is a delay (of four to seven working days after receiving the communication from BFC Payments) on the part of the customer in notifying BFC Payments of such a transaction, the per transaction liability for me/us shall be limited to the transaction value or the amount mentioned as Maximum Liability of a Customer defined under respective guideline, whichever is lower. I understand that the account should be operated by me only after it has been activated. I further undertake that any violation of this will constitute as a default on my part & BFC Payments reserves the right to close the said account without assigning any reason whatsoever. In case of rejection for whatsoever reason.