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BFC Pay App simplifies your payment and banking needs for individuals and businesses in Bahrain. Use the secure digital wallet for receiving salary, e-payments, international remittance, multicurrency card and lots more. As a leading Bahrain payment service provider, BFC Pay App ensures a secure, user-friendly experience with its simplified e-KYC process, taking only 3 minutes to complete.

Join the growing community of satisfied users and experience the convenience and efficiency of the BFC Pay App – your one-stop solution for all your payment and money transfer needs in Bahrain and beyond.

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Simplify International Money Transfers for Expats in Bahrain

Enjoy great money transfer rates for remittance with BFC Pay App, along with multiple payment modes such as Benefit Pay app, Debit Card or BFC Pay wallet and a dedicated customer support team available via WhatsApp, calls, emails, or social media, you can be confident in your choice of digital payment in Bahrain.

Go Cashless with a Secure Digital Wallet


Multicurrency card which can enhance your world forever

Multiple Payment Modes

Track expenses with detailed transaction history


Multiple Payment Modes

Multiple Payment Modes

One App

For all your financial and payment needs

Remit, shop and pay bills instantly


Get your Travel Buddy card for all your holiday spends and international shopping


Simplified e-KYC process in 3 minutes


Get customer support via WhatsApp, Calls, e-Mail or Social Media


Solutions tailored to your needs

Stay ahead of the curve with BFC Pay App and experience Bahrain's easy online bill payment platform that offers the ultimate convenience and security in the palm of your hand. Seamlessly manage a variety of bill payments, including credit card bills (Citibank and American Express), mobile prepaid and postpaid, broadband and EWA bills, rent, school fees, gold, gaming vouchers, and much more.

International Money Transfers

Skip long queues at branches and send money from Bahrain to loved ones across continents within minutes

Bill Payments

Pay all your bills in one place and get reminders of your outstanding to stay away from missing due dates.

BFC Pay Card

You will be empowered now to enjoy benefits like shopping, ATM withdrawal without having a bank account or obligation of a minimum balance.

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